Tantra is all about understanding sexual energy, respecting it and channeling it - to awaken us, enlighten us, clear us of impediments and help us fulfill our potential.

Tantra is enjoyable, but it also has purpose. Sexual energy may well be the greatest power in the cosmos. It is capable of utterly transforming us and is the only power capable of unfolding all our potential. And if you think that's overstating the case ... prepare to be amazed.

Feel what your own body has hidden within. Call Helena on 0425 289 872.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage produces a physical and sensual awakening and invites a spiritual journey. There are many paths up the mountain but this is the most pleasurable.

Tantric Yoga

Begin your tantra session with 30 minutes of yoga, stretching and breathing with Helena, before moving into tantric breath work and massage. It is a beautiful way to begin.

Tantric Healing

Tantric healing awakens the energy within. It works at a deep level merging the subconscious, the conscious mind and the body to facilitate healing.

For Women

Helena holds retreats and workshops throughout the year. These workshops are open to anyone wishing to explore tantra ... both couples and singles.


We have a public video channel on YouTube and a private video channel on Vimeo with a higher level of tantric instruction.

Tantric eStore

We are building an online store that will offer many kinds of products and gift certificates to assist you on your journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

News & Information

Gift Certificates

Know someone who would benefit from tantric healing, a spiritual and sensual tantric massage, or enjoy tantric yoga? Give a unique gift, an experience they will never forget.



I will be teaching at two upcoming festivals, The Sydney Festival of Death and Dying 18-20 November 2016, and The Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex 26-29 January 2017.


Sexercise App

My Sexercise App is available for download from the Apple App Store (for iPhones and iPads) and from the Google Play Store (for Android devices).


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