Womens Healing Work

Healing is an important part of tantra. Kundalini energy magnifies anything that is in your body already, so it is best to heal any sexual/physcological issues before transforming yourself through tantra. I do this work through a 4-step healing process.

"The body tells us what is wrong and through my touch we tap into those pains. By doing this over 4 sessions, we can start gently, get to know each other, learn and trust, and go deeply into the healing process with out re-traumatising you."

One x 60 minute session is $250 - or - pay for 4 sessions for $850.

1 Session 1: This introductory session focuses on breath work, meditation, and a Chi Nang Tsang massage (a Taoist massage of the inner organs of the stomach). This lighter version of the yoni (vagina) massage, invites you into tantric bodywork and opens a portal that allows you to experience and understand how the process works. The Chi Nang Tsang massage is of benefit to women who have experienced stomach disorders caused by traumatic emotional issues.

2 Session 2: This session involves a breast massage designed to switch off the female brain and to assist you into a comfortable state of relaxation, where you will sink deep into an altered state of consciousness. This is the level where healing takes place and sexual energy (kundalini) can be activated.

3 Session 3: This session is the Yoni Massage. This powerful vaginal massage has the potential to bring into consciousness any harm or mistreatment you may have experienced in your sexual centre. It can also tap into and heal any of the issues passed down from your direct maternal lineage.

4 Session 4: This session is an open session which allows me to work with you in whichever manner you feel comfortable. We can work on any issues or energies that have arisen in any of the previous sessions.

All sessions include breath work and meditation. We work at a deep level merging the subconscious, the conscious mind and the body, which facilitates healing.