Sensual Tantric Massage - Sydney

Tantric massage produces a physical and sensual awakening and invites you on a spiritual journey. There are many paths up the mountain but this is the most pleasurable. Relax, breathe, feel, and let your mind be free through sensual massage and tantric practice.

There are three levels of tantric massage:

1 Experiencing Tantra: Level One massage, 'Experiencing Tantra', is all about discovering the subtle energies within yourself; it is about learning about your own body and bringing awareness. This is done through breath work and touch. I use my hands to move energy though your body raising your vibrational level so that you feel the bliss of vibrating at the same frequency as the earth. Cost: $350 for 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

2 Auric Awakening and How to Touch the Feminine: Level Two, 'Auric Awakening and How to Touch the Feminine', is about experiencing your own and and other's auras. This is done though a different breath work, learning how play with your own aura, then to touch another with your aura first, then moving to physical touch to raise vibrational energy within the other person until they too are vibrating in blissfull energy. Cost: $350 for 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

3 Tantric Lovemaking: Level Three, 'Tantric Lovemaking' is for experienced tantricers only. Once the body and mind have experienced full-body orgasm, you will automatically go into energy orgasms when you are with me ( you will become multiple orgasmic, yes men, even you).

So now in level 3 we begin working on moving the kudilini energy between each other during lovemaking. This is the work I teach on the video series 'Beyond the Kama Sutra', breathe during lovemaking, remembering to laugh, be still, and let go. Cost: $400 for the first 2 hours and $100 for every hour after that.

4 Beyond the Sexual: Level Four, 'Beyond the Sexual' when you have played with all the previous levels, you will decide that the energy you experience no longer needs the sexual stimualtion to power it. Here we breath, we laugh and pass energy between us without touch, we orgasm with the trees and the universe. Cost: $400 for 1-1/2 hours.


EXTRAS: 30 min personal training or yoga before beginning your tantric massage. Allows those with busy minds to settle into their bodies and stretch before begining tantric massage. $50 with massage.

If you haven't done tantra before or have limited experience, begin with Level 1. I will let you know when you are ready to move up a level. Most of the time during these massages my intuition will guide the session so no two sessions are the same.