Tantric Courses

I am teaching a FREE CLASS on Tuesday the 12th of February at 7.30 pm at Balmain Health Club, on the chakra body. To reserve your spot text your name to 0425 289 872.

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I am teaching three courses a year. The first course is 7 weeks long, the second and third are 5 weeks each. Delivered as one 90 min session a week either evening or weekend. The courses are designed to be taken consecutively, but each course can be taken individually as well.

The three courses are:

1 The Chakra Body

2 The Auric body

3 The Kundalini Body


The Chakra Body


For each participant to experience altered states of consciousness through meditation and breath work.

For each participant to be confident in their understanding and performance of 3 breath work and meditation techniques.

We will discuss:

  • What is your previous experience of chakras and what you are wanting to achieve from this course.
  • What is Tantra?
  • The alchemy, ancient texts, and organic aspects of each chakras.

We will experience: our main chakras, with our meditation focusing on opening a chakra with each lesson.


By the end of the course you will:

1 Know and have had an experience of your different chakras.

2 Be able to comfortably practice the 3 ancient breathing techniques by yourself.

3 Experience meditation, and have an understanding about Tantra.

The Auric Body

During this course you will experience your own aura, you will feel it, and occasionally become aware of colour and flashes of light - in your own aura and in other peoples' auras.

We will be learning techniques that will amplify the energy from your hands, so you can energise and play with your own and other peoples auras. We will be doing breath work: serpent breath, cobra breath 3 and auric breath, and guided meditation. Learning how to clean your aura, how to protect yourself when working with other peoples auras, and how to 'power up' your aura. We will begin to play with crystals, feathers and singing bowls as tools to amplify your aura. We will discuss and experience the different auric vibrations of the different major chakras in the body.


By the end of the course you will:

1 Know how to play with, stimulate and energise your aura.

2 Feel and touch other peoples' auras.

3 Have breathing techniques that 'power up', protect and clean your aura.

4 Have experienced the different vibrations of different chakras and different amplifying tools, and decided which tools suit you best.

The Kundalini Body

During the course we will experience our own ecstatic body, by awakening our kundalini. Clothes will be worn during this course. We will be using techniques learned in the meditation and breath work course and in the auric body course, but each course can be taken on its own.

What is the Ecstatic body? It is when the body is in tune with the vibration of the earth, and all living things. It is a vibration you feel in your body, at times powerful and shaking, at other times like lightening fashing through you, at other times it is like a soft hum, all of your atoms vibrating together. This is your Kundalini. It is about being aware of this energy, how to ignite it, and how to earth it.


By the end of the course you will have:

1 Experienced your kundalini.

2 Experimented with sharing your kundalini with another person.

3 Learnt where to put your hands on the human body, to amplify the kundalini.

4 Discussed and used breath work, chakras and meditation.

5 Discussed and played with gentle manifestation (kundalini opens you up to manifestation, you learn how to use it safely).


Reservations: To reserve your spot text your name to 0425 289 872.

Your Teacher: Yogini Helena is a full time Tantra teacher. She embodies powerful energies and healing powers.