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I come from a linage of female healers. My mother was a midwife and carer of babies and women (both young and elderly).

I grew up on a sheep station in NSW, where occasionally, a lamb would have white muscle disease or pink eye. I would look at them, tune into them, then lay my hands on 'where they needed it'. By the end of the day they would be cured. The first time I made love, light shot through my body ... then i grew up and forgot it all.I became a contemporary dancer and Olympic gymnastics coach, always fascinated with the human body and curious about pushing its limits.

After having children, I opened a pilates studio (which I still run) and a dance and gymnastics school. After the break up of my marriage I spent 5 years delving into Tantric studies with Oceania and Icarus in Byron Bay.

I had found my path.

I have been studying tantra for 30 years and teaching it for over 20 years. I now teach other practitioners the wisdom and techniques I have gained over a lifetime of living the tantric life.

I teach a synthesis of the above teachers' work and my own experience and insight, which incorporates my understanding of touch, breath and movement of the human body.

Included in the ancient Tantric Rituals are teas made of aphrodisiac qualities made by Avedica Organic Teas.

Helena's Tantric teachers, and the areas of tantra they have instructed her, include:

  • Oceania and Icarus: Tantra teachers with psychological and personal growth teachings and techniques
  • Anna Davidovich: instructed me in sacred women's work
  • Kahdro: a Tibetan taoist, taught me Chi Nang Tsang: massage of the internal organs, and is a second mum to me
  • Nitiyama: instructed me in body-work, energy centres (physical and auric) and how to activate, connect and integrate the energies
  • Margo Anand: instructed me in energy-raising breath-work
  • Stephine: a Sanskrit teacher, introduced me to the Upanishads, Yoga Sutra's and ancient Tantric texts
  • Dave: instructed me in powerful Tantric love-making
  • Andre: a philosopher of the world's religions
  • Celistin: my husband, a powerful clairvoyant, who has 'downloaded' from Maha Siddah, 20 original tantric rituals from the 11 century that allow us to embody aspects of nature.

Ananda Yogini

I am a Tantric Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach. Chilean born, I now live in Sydney.

I have coached clients for around four years to raise their consciousness, heal traumas and expand their pleasure potential. I have been studying Tantra, Yoga, Sexual Health, Relational Intimacy, and Shamanic Medicine for more than ten years, and I'm excited to share with you the energy of Tantric Healing.

Who am I?

Ananda has a genetic heritage from female shamans from South America, an intrinsic knowledge of the healing of the body and soul and its deep relationship with the synergies of nature.

As the daughter of an accomplished Yogi, Ananda grew up around shamans of South America learning the philosophy of many ancient yoga traditions, including meditation, self-awareness, shamanic medicine, and kundalini energy healing. In the process, she learnt to overcome major crises and heal deep emotional scars. To give back, she has made it her life's purpose to help others experience the same sorts of powerful spiritual transformations.

She has been exploring Tantra's blissful approach to meditation and healing over the course of the last decade and this has slowly grown to become her main focus - this experience has led her to share this blessing with others. Ananda has knowledge and experience in Tantric Healing, Treatment of sexual issues, Relational Intimacy, and Shamanic Medicine.

What do I?

Ananda's passion is to help people to improve their sexuality, sensuality and relationships. Tantra Yoga lessons can encompass a wide variety of exercises and techniques that I will draw from based on your needs and development. These include:

  • Hatha yoga. The yoga most are familiar with, Hatha yoga gets the body moving and blood flowing.
  • Pranayama. The breathing aspect of yoga, pranayama gives you the power to regulate and control your own internal energies.
  • Guided meditation. I have a wide repertoire of guided meditations using a mix of visualisation, projection and mindfulness that will lead you on many different journeys within yourself.
  • Auric healing. I will use my keen sense for others' vibrational energy fields to lead you on your natural progression forward.
  • Awakening Kundalini. You will learn to generate, harness and direct this expansive energy within yourself, and I will help guide it at times with breathing queues, Tantric massage and other chakra healing techniques.
  • Shamanic healing. I draw from a variety of ancient and tribal shamanic healing practices, including: Soul gazing, Serpent breath, Cobra breath, Ecstatic dance, Discovering your animal nature, Working with sacred energy and Witness consciousness.
  • Playfulness. Best of all, we like to have fun. We play with all the senses. In addition to sight and sound, these include flavours, aromas, touch and even learning to "feel" the energetic vibrations each of us emits (these are called auras).
  • Massage. I use a range of hands-on modalities in bodywork sessions including Tantric massage to gently touch of body's central points of power and move that energy throughout different areas of the body.

Who do I work with?

I work with singles, couples, Female, Male, LGBT, and groups from all walks of life.

'The most intense way to experience your inner-self energy is to open yourself up to the sensations of life, in other words to experience Tantric awakening.' - Ananda Yogini.

Shiva James 

Availability: Tuesdays 11.00am to 7.00pm

James is a musician, writing and creating music is his passion…as is honouring the feminine and guiding his fellow men in how to grow in the sacred masculine and to hold space for the sacred feminine.

James describes himself as: 'I am working on being a man of depth, integrity, presence, openness, awareness, consciousness, pleasure, creativity, joy and love. I love to heal individuals and am always looking for ways to bring this to the community as a gift from my deepest core. I am honoured to share this work with you.'


  • Healing for men and women
  • Four-part womens' healing
  • Level 1 and 2 tantric massage for women
  • Couples rituals
  • Working with polarity.
  • Working with polarity: for couples and individuals, this is a mixture of discussion and practical work to open each moment into love, connection and depth, through the play of masculine/feminine as expressed through the body. Learn how to turn conflict into love with techniques that bring tantra into everyday moments.


    Availability: Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

    Rachel is a proud Aboriginal woman, an intuitive healer with a gift of making those around her smile and laugh. She has always had a calling to help, heal, honour and to love and finally found her calling. She holds space for those on their healing journeys, to create safety, understanding and acceptance bringing oneself into alignment with purpose, passion, and pleasure. Rachel utilises her grounding in science and anatomy to weave theory into her practice of energy and healing work. Her hands are powerful tools that transmit her powerful transmission of healing and love.

    Rachel has a deep devotion to nurturing and cultivating a deep intimacy with oneself, the art of self-relating and relating with others. Her devotion extends to facilitating others to heal from trauma and becoming more comfortable within themselves and their sexuality. She has a passion for working with both men, women, and couples.


  • Healing for men and women
  • Three-part womens' healing
  • Couples
  • Theory and coaching: Armouring, Anatomy and Trauma
  • Sexuality and Intimacy Coaching
  • Level 1 mens' massage.
  • Theory and coaching: Armouring, Anatomy and Trauma: sessions that move into theory surrounding anatomy as it relates to function, trauma, and pleasure. Conversations surrounding how trauma stores in the body and how this can have an impact on our functioning in many ways, specifically relating to sexual function and pleasure. Context around the body's natural defence and the process of armouring and how this affects sexual function and pleasure and our ability to relate to ourselves and others.

    Tantric Healing provides private sessions, couples sessions, group classes, and life changing retreats in beautiful locations.

    Tantric healing also runs a two-year tantra practitioner's course. Online sessions and classes are also available.

    Sexual energy may well be the greatest power in the cosmos. It is capable of utterly transforming us and is the only power capable of unfolding all our potential. And if you think that's overstating the case ... prepare to be amazed.

    Really wonderful, and I learned a lot. The auratic expereiences were intense and moving - I was just stunned that you could do that ... and that I would be that responsive. A bit mind boggling really.

    Nicolas - Retreat Participant
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