About Helena

I come from a linage of female healers. My mother was a midwife and carer of babies and women (both young and elderly).

I grew up on a sheep station in NSW, where occasionally, a lamb would have white muscle disease or pink eye. I would look at them, tune into them, then lay my hands on 'where they needed it'. By the end of the day they would be cured. The first time I made love, light shot through my body ... then i grew up and forgot it all.I became a contemporary dancer and Olympic gymnastics coach, always fascinated with the human body and curious about pushing its limits.

After having children, I opened a pilates studio (which I still run) and a dance and gymnastics school. After the break up of my marriage I spent 5 years delving into Tantric studies with Oceania and Icarus in Byron Bay.

I had found my path.

I have been studying Tantra now for twenty years and have been teaching it for eight.

I teach a synthesis of the above teachers' work and my own experience and insight, which incorporates my understanding of touch, breath and movement of the human body.

My Tantric teachers, and the areas of tantra they have instructed me, include:

  • Oceania and Icarus: Tantra teachers with psychological and personal growth teachings and techniques
  • Anna Davidovich: instructed me in sacred women's work
  • Kahdro: a Tibetan taoist, taught me Chi Nang Tsang: massage of the internal organs, and is a second mum to me
  • Nitiyama: instructed me in body-work, energy centres (physical and auric) and how to activate, connect and integrate the energies
  • Margo Anand: instructed me in energy-raising breath-work
  • Stephine: a Sanskrit teacher, introduced me to the Upanishads, Yoga Sutra's and ancient Tantric texts
  • Dave: instructed me in powerful Tantric love-making
  • Andre: a philosopher of the world's religions.

About Nicole

Nicole's Availability: Last Friday of the month, and Tuesday evenings 6.00pm to 8.00 pm.

Nicole's services: Healing for both men and women, Four-part women's healing, and Level 1 and Level 2 massage for men.

Not identifying as a healer but rather a woman who is a conduit for healing, tuning into spirit and divine healing energy that's greater than all of us. This energy moves through me, to you, invited by my loving intention for you to heal yourself with your own body wisdom. My healing practice is specifically centred around slow and nurturing rituals, with a tender, restorative focus on your nervous system at all times. I'm honoured to be a transmission of love in this way and am continually inspired by loving connection, specifically when witnessing another bask in the glow of their newly discovered life force, within.

Pulling from endurance and enthusiasm born from many years of personal and professional lived experiences, the healing modalities I weave into my practice include transformational coaching and therapy, dynamic and restorative meditation, embodied breathing, shamanic movement practices, Tantric massage (includes breathwork and auric field/subtle energy body exploration) psychosomatic bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki and Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi massage; all enveloped in my unique intuitive guidance and psychic awareness.

I'm honoured to be a transmission of love in this way and am continually inspired by loving connection, specifically when witnessing another bask in the glow of their newly discovered life force, within.

Tantric Healing provides private sessions, couples sessions, group classes, and life changing retreats in beautiful locations.

Tantric healing also runs a two-year tantra practitioner's course. Online sessions and classes are also available.

Sexual energy may well be the greatest power in the cosmos. It is capable of utterly transforming us and is the only power capable of unfolding all our potential. And if you think that's overstating the case ... prepare to be amazed.

Really wonderful, and I learned a lot. The auratic expereiences were intense and moving - I was just stunned that you could do that ... and that I would be that responsive. A bit mind boggling really.

Nicolas - Retreat Participant
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