Tantra for Women

Healing is an important part of tantra. Kundalini energy magnifies anything that is in your body already, so it is best to heal any sexual/physcological issues before transforming yourself through tantra. I do this work through a 3-step healing process.

The body tells us what is wrong and through my touch we tap into those pains. By doing this over 3 sessions, we can start gently, get to know each other, learn and trust, and go deeply into the healing process with out re-traumatising you.

One x 60 minute session is $350 - or - pay for 3 sessions for $950.

Session 1. This introductory session is a psychosomatic healing process. We start with breath work and meditation, then I use my hands on your tummy ( chi nang Tsang ) to ask your subconscious what emotions/memories are held in your body. Together, we work to bring those subconscious thoughts to consciousness, where they begin to lose their power and can be released from the body.

Session 2. This session is about raising your kundalini energy, your lifeforce energy. It is a blissful and amazingly pleasurable state of being. We start with breath work and meditation, we then add pranayama to build the energy. Then, we gently open your sexual energy through a process called butterfly. This session will leave you blissfully orgasming with vibration.

Session 3. This session is the Yoni Massage. This powerful vaginal massage has the potential to bring into consciousness any harm or mistreatment you may have experienced in your sexual centre. It can also tap into and heal any of the issues passed down from your direct maternal lineage.

Session 4. This session is an open session that allows us to repeat a style of session that you think needs more depth. Or we can work on any issues or energies that have arisen in any of the previous sessions. Or we can begin awakening your kundalini and auric/subtle body. This session is your choice.

The Yoni massage for me was the most healing and cleansing experience I've ever had. I never thought I had so much suffering stored in that area. There was a lot of shame and many locked up memories which really ran my sex life and in fact, my whole life. Helena was so soft and gentle that I completely relaxed and trusted the process. The results are outstanding, I now feel completely clean and gorgeous in and out, freed up and more womanly than ever!

Sharon, 35 - Physiotherapist
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