Tantra Practitioner Courses

Note: the upcoming Healing Retreat on the 9th to 15th of April 2023 is the beginning of the 2023 intake for the Practitioner's Course.

You can do a one year elementary certificate, or a two year practitioners course. At the completion of your two-year practitioners course, students will be able to work with the Tantric Healing name and logo. you will also be able to work with Helena at her Rozelle practice, as both an apprentice and as a practitioner, when you feel ready.

The Practitioner's course is for those wishing to become a Tantric Practitioner, a Healer wanting to expand or deepen their powers of healing, or anyone who is attracted to Tantra and wants to know more about it and dive deeply into themselves and the spiritual growth and freedom Tantra brings.

There are two branches to this tree: tantra and healing. You will learn:


  • How to awaken peoples kundalini though a combination of massage, breath work and meditation
  • Mantra's and Yantra's as powerful tools to focus and expand your energy
  • About the movement of energy from you into another
  • Tantric sensual touch, how to arouse a man, how to arouse a woman, culminating in an understanding of tantric lovemaking
  • To experience the shamanic side of tantra, your animal guides, blending with the 5 elements of nature, and experiencing powerful siddha's.


  • Your own personal growth, examining and working with your personal issues and experiencing how to heal them
  • How to do psychosomatic healing using the Chi Nang Tsang method combined with my own technique of blending with the client to guide their healing
  • How to help people who have experienced a lightening strike, powerful kundalini awakening that leaves them childlike and vulnerable
  • Healing women, using ancient Yoni Healing technique. Heal them, plus their maternal ancestors of rape, sexual and emotional abuse
  • Healing men of premature ejaculation, prostrate cancer.

This is a lot to cover, and during the course you will choose which field you would like to specialise in.

The course will run for 2 years, with an added year of mentorship as you begin your own practice.

Over the two years you will need to attend three retreats; attend the three six-week evening courses I teach on chakra, auric and kundalini body (these may also be done online); have six or more private sessions with me over the two years. There will also be monthly Zoom meetings, readings, daily practices, and walks with me and Bella (my dingo).


You will be assessed by conducting sessions with my clients in your chosen field, a journal showing your personal growth, and an artistic creation of your choice. In the past these artistic creations have been music, sculptures, a musical, books, a garden, paintings... this will come to you as your energy expands.

Costs will depend on which retreats you attend so it isn't a hard and fast amount. I am guessing it will work out about $4000 - $5000 per year over the first 2 years and then a small percentage of earnings over the 3rd year as I mentor you, helping you with clients in your own business. (This will depend on how much time I spend working with you).

I am also happy to negotiate payments with you individually. Costs will be spread out over the 2/3 years.

If you have seen me privately or done classes or retreats in the past they will be included as done for your practitioners course.

Looking forward to working with you and expanding your concept of reality.

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