Couple rituals from Maha Siddha 800 AD. As seen on the Bachelorette with Brooke and Darvid.

One of the most powerful experiences we can have in this lifetime is sacred lovemaking.

Taking time and consciousness to develop your lovemaking with your partner into sacred work will change who you are, your experience of intimacy of being a couple. It will allow you to grow your vocabulary of touch together. It will also opens you to the wonders of oneness with the universe and nature.

I work with same sex couples, heterosexual couples, any form of couple where there is connection and respect.

One x 120 minute session is $450.

During lockdown my husband and I have practiced and recreated twenty ancient tantric rituals that come directly from 800AD, the height of tantra in India, given to us directly through meditation from Vityre Maha Siddha and his courtesan.

These rituals are a beautiful, simple pathway that starts you and your partner on your tantric journey. It uses breath work and meditation, joining your auras and joining you with what are called 'Tattavs' - the various energies that make up the universe.

This is a new body of work. It works beautifully as a continuously giving, learning and intimate gift.

These rituals are designed for men (or the masculine) to give to the feminine. But it is also fun to change the giver. Traditionally the yogi (male) is not as powerful as the yogini (female) so to experience the powerful connection that the female naturally has with the Tattavs, the yogi has to awaken these energies in her before making love. During love making he may then experience these amazing energies through her.

To make these rituals easy to learn and experience, my husband and I have begun to create boxes that have everything you need to create these rituals. Including specific directions, as given by the Maha Siddha, playlist, oils, essences, silks, crystals, and tea.

I would recommend that you book as a couple to do a one-on-one session with me, for your first time experiencing one of these rituals. From there you could purchase the next ritual as it becomes available.

The rituals are powerful tools to introduce you and your partner to sacred lovemaking.

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