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Snowy Mountains Retreat (Flying with Dragons): 18th to 23rd April 2022.

FLYING WITH DRAGONS - 18th to the 23rd April 2022 - Guthega, NSW Snowy Mountains

Guthega is a very sacred place for me. It is where I was powerfully awakened to my earth dragon. It is ancient dragon territory ... something miraculous always happens there. The ancient sacred mountains (two aboriginal tribes lived here for over twenty-thousand years) provide powerful energy that cradles us as we evolve, for that reason I have chosen it for the most powerful of my retreats, the Healing Retreat.

We will be staying in a private ski lodge in the tiny, empty village of Guthega in the Snowy Mountains, NSW. I have rented us the whole lodge, so it will be just us there..... yummm!

You will experience and learn Chi Nang Tsang massage, an ancient Taoist massage. Over the twenty years I have been practicing this massage, I have added psychosomatic aspects to it. This has turned it into a powerful healing tool, where it can clean out issues that are held in the body, not only your personal history, but also history of your parents, grand parents and ancestors that is still stored in your body.

These issues (samskaras), that are held in our bodies, are what I call triggers, what we react to subconsciously. Often they are the reasons for self sabotage, jealousy, anger, depression, procrastination, addiction. For us to truly heal and change, we need to ask the body what it holds, use it's knowledge to let us evolve and grow.

On this retreat we will:

On this retreat we will:

  • Do powerful healing work
  • Learn breath work and meditations (Serpent breath, Coba breath 1 and 2, Auric breath)
  • Climb mountains and swim in rivers (both are optional)
  • Call in our totem/power animal
  • Awaken our chakras
  • Energise our auras
  • Make new friends
  • Eat delicious home cooked meals, by Pia
  • and Fly with Dragons.

Note: for those wishing to begin the Tantric Practioners course, this retreat begins the 2022 intake for the two-year course.

To secure your place a non-refundable deposit of $750 is required. (In case of illness, or an emergency, this can be credited to your account).

The cost of the retreat is $2300. This includes private room accomodation in a private ski lodge, all meals lovingly prepared by our own chef, beginning with dinner on the 18th and finishing with lunch on the 23rd. Plus all tantric instruction, healing and stories. We usually begin the day at 8.30 am and continue on until dinner at 7.00 pm. Some evenings there are also events after dinner.

Flying with Dragons April 2022

Deposit payment can be made via the PayPal button above, or via bank transfer. Tantric healing bank details are:

BSB 633000 / ACC: 135788586.

Alternately, a credit card payment can be made in person. Please call or text Helena on 0425 898 872 to arrange.

What can I say, but thank you?

Thank you for creating a safe, supportive space where we could let our guard down and feel our true selves. Thank you for providing great accommodation on the roof of Australia, surrounded by mountains, the river, rocky outcrops and snow gums. Thank you for convincing a wonderful chef to join in nuturing our tummies in the same way that you nurtured our souls.

I will be honest, I was apprehensive about attending. But that was unfounded. The Flying with Dragons Tantric Healing Retreat was amazing. I learned so much.

Gina, 49 - Flying with Dragons Retreat

Helena is incredible, as a teacher, as an energy worker, as a healer, and as a coordinator. This retreat went beyond expectations and opened up channels in me I never knew existed. My heart was opened and my chakras centred in a way that gave me experiences so amazing that it'll take weeks to digest the enormity of them. The people Helena chose to take part in the the retreat were all so wonderful and nurturing that the space created allowed growth not just for me, but for everyone involved.

Namaste - Jeremy N
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